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The Ultimate Pet Owners Guide to Buying A Home

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The Ultimate Pet Owners Guide to Buying A Home


Buying a new home is an exciting time in your life. It’s a gateway to new adventures and memories for you and your entire family. This Ultimate Pet Owners Guide to Buying a Home will help ensure that your furry family member transitions to the new home seamlessly while minimizing stress for them and you. 

Pets,  more often than not, influences the owner’s home buying decision. A survey on  finds that 75 percent of the pet-owning homebuyers say they would turn a house down if it isn’t fit for their pet. 

According to the National Association of Realtors Animal House: Remodeling Impact Report that, about 61% of U.S. homes own a pet or have plans to get one in the future. Pets add to our overall quality of life, provide loyal companionship and and without a doubt help lower our stress. Articles and research by The American Heart Association,  Country Living, and NBC News provide strong evidence for the health benefit that dog ownership provides.

Essential Features Pet Owners Should Consider When Purchasing a House


Fenced yard, court yard or some enclosed space for your dog to get some exercise and for a biology break.


A pet station in the laundry room, mud room or anyplace close to a door. The pet station should have cabinets for dog food, treats, leashes, and towels for wiping dirty feet. If you’re lucky enough to have a wash tub, it can double as a dog bath station.


Hearty landscaping is essential. Crepe Myrtle, Magnolia bush, and Hawthorn are all good choices. K9 of Mine has compiled a list of 9 plants and shrubs that are suitable for dogs.



Dog friendly neighborhood seems like a no brainer. However some neighborhoods are governed by an Home Owners Association (HOA). You may be quite surprised by some of the rules and regulations for dog owners, including the types of dogs that are allowed. Read the HOA rules and regs before you buy.


Is the neighborhood walkable? You need to be sure you have a place to walk your dog. Check out the neighborhood and see what your options are. There is nothing wrong to bringing your dog to a neighborhood for an exploratory walk. You’ll learn a lot about your potential new neighborhood and the people who live there.


Having a veterinarian and animal hospital nearby is important for the ease of regular check ups and unexpected emergencies. A dog park or a public park nearby are great bonuses, especially if they are in walking distance. 

You may like some of these dog parks.

Dog Parks in Louisville

Bark Park in the Park Lands



Flooring is everything in your home. Flooring options like Luxury Vinyl are a great choice thanks to their durability, water resistance, and and wide variety of color and style options.


Painting the area around your doors or dog station with a semi gloss paint will make clean up so much easier. Press the easy button and leave the flat finish paint for your bedrooms. You can learn more about paint finishes at Country Living.


There are a variety of pet friendly fabrics for your furniture. You don’t have to settle for a few tan colors either. Be on the lookout for fabric with a tight weave and something that is darker in color, unless of course you have a white cat or dog.


Microfiber is easy to clean with soap and water, is resistant to sharp pet nails, and hair generally wipes off easily. HGTV has a short video for cleaning microfiber.


The Slipcover Maker suggest that canvas slipcovers are a great choice for pet owners. Canvas is a durable yet comfortable material that is machine washable and resistant to tears and stains.


I know what you’re about to say, what about the scratches. There is no getting around that point however, real leather will not tear and is incredibly durable. Tucker Cummings writes a blog post for Hunker on how to fix dog scratches on leather.


Lauren Flanagen has a nice article on The Spruce blog about the worst fabrics for pet owners.


Is there a perfect house? The short answer is YES. You may have to make some compromises, however if a home meets all the major check boxes you have found the perfect home. Keep in mind that if the home functions for you and your pet you can, over time, make those pet friendly improvements. That is the definition of the perfect home.

Let us know if you like this article or have suggestions for additions to the Pet Owners Guide to Buying a Home. We’d love to hear from you.

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