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Senior Move Management

The Times Are A Changin’


Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan penned the lyrics to this song in 1964. It was written about the tumultuous 1960’s. Today it stands as a reminder that caring for the elderly may be front and center in your life. 

While helping countless families downsize or resize their home, we discovered there is a void in helping you transition a family member to a smaller home or assisted living facilities. Thus, was born Resize Your Nest. 

Resize Your Nest is a service that helps plan, organize and facilitate the move to a smaller space.


 Colleen Hahn, a licensed Realtor and certified Senior Move Manager will provide you with insightful solutions to help you and your family manage the move. 

You’ll receive: 

  • A planning guide 
  • Examples of must have items for the move 
  • A furniture layout for the new living space 
  • Calendar for planning the move 
  • Cost estimate for selected services 

The Details

Floor Planning: This process helps you decide what items to take with you. 

Sorting and Decluttering: Helping you decide which treasures stay in the family, which items are sold, and what items are donated. 

Getting your Home Ready to be SoldAn objective look at your home with an eye toward maximizing revenue for you.  

Moving Company:You’ll receive negotiated quotes for your move and managing the movers. 

Unpack and Resettle: No need to worry about arranging furniture or unpacking backs. Even your cherished pictures are hung for you. 

Learn more by calling Colleen Hahn directly at 502-741-0391.