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About Michael

My roads lead to family, food and houses.

I started my life as a premi (a premature baby) which is not remarkable in itself but almost being dropped on third base while my mother was coaching little league is pretty freaking amazing – my mom started Germantown Little League and it is still thriving today after all these years.

I attended St. Elizabeth grade school 1-8 that was fun… went on to St. X then switched to Ahrens Trade in my last two years of high school and attended U of L but didn’t finish because started working making money in my chosen career, accounting, and have been working ever since.

Met my now wife, Nancy and we have been together ever since and with two beautiful kids and three fabulous grand children our life have been very full and rewarding.

My wife and I started “flipping houses” in 1972 way before the term flipping was around, we called it insanity, so did our friends, but we did it… 16 or so houses later here we are. We are home grown, as local as you can get, and proud that we have local credibility.

Over the years I have sold Commercially, Residential and have done property management all of which we offer at MGR – we have fare rates and would love to talk to you about anything real estate

So if you are BUYING or SELLING or BUILDING or PROPERTY MANAGEMENT call me or anyone of our team members love to get you going in our market smart real estate.

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