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Home Buyers and Sellers Safety Tips

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Disinfecting a door knobSafety Tips for Home Sellers and Buyers

This safety checklist is compiled with research and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the National Association of Realtors.


1. Ask your agent to create an online virtual tour of your home.

2. No Open Houses. This is not an issue in the Louisville Metro area as they have been banned by the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors.

3. Do not allow overlapping showings. Only one showing at a time.

4. Buyers and their agent should view the home. No children or extended families.

5. Require showing agent to certify that buyers are pre-approved, have read the seller disclosures, and viewed your virtual tour if you have one.

6. Require showing agent to certify that buyers confirm that they are not ill, do not have a temperature, or traveled from abroad in recent days. At Maguire Group Realty we use a thermal laser thermometer to take the temperature of our clients.

7. Buyers and sellers complete the KY Realtors “Hold Harmless’ agreement regarding viewing homes.

8. Require buyers to remove shoes at the door or provide them with shoe coverings.

9. Provide an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the door for buyers to use before entering your home.

10. Use an appropriate sanitizer to clean your door knobs, counter tops, and cabinetry knobs before and after each showing.

11. Leave all lights on and open doors to closets. Be sure the showing agent knows to leave the lights on and doors open. The goal is to minimize any reason for buyers to touch anything in your home.

12. Do not allow visitors to use the bathroom.

For more information visit the Center for Disease Control or Realtor.


1. Do a drive by the home to ensure that you like the curb appeal of the home and its location.

2. Thoroughly read the seller disclosures of a home prior to scheduling a showing.

3. Provide your Realtor with a copy of your pre-approval letter from your lender.

4. Provide in writing by email that you are not sick, do not and have not had a temperature and that you have not traveled abroad in the last 14 days.

5. Wear an appropriate mask and gloves.

6. Do not wear your shoes into the home you are viewing.

7. Do not touch anything in the home including door knobs, cabinets, counter tops, or light switches.

8. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer prior to entering the home.

9. Do not bring children or extended family to the showing.

10. Do not use the bathroom.

For more information visit the Center for Disease Control or Realtor.

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