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About Colleen

I  love to get my hands dirty in the garden. That might tell you a lot about me. 

Just like my garden, I like to dig deep into home details for my clients. Researching past sales, tax records, and comparable home sales are all part of my passion for giving my clients as much information as is available.  

 One of the unique services that I offer clients, is assisting with the move of an elderly  family member to a smaller home or other home options like assisted living communities. As a certified Senior Move Management realtor, I understand the challenges families face and the decisions that need to be made regarding  a family members personal property and real estate. 

 Through my partner network, I can help with the transition of choosing the right furniture to take, the packing and unpacking of personal property, and if necessary the disposal of furnishings and the selling of a home. 

 I’m hands on, and always here to answer your questions. Call, text, or email with any real estate questions you might. I’ll be glad to talk about gardening too! 

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